Join us as expert

Join Trec to help travelers by answering their questions and sharing helpful tips. All you need is Facebook Messenger or WeChat on your phone. You choose your own schedule and work from anywhere. Get paid for helping travelers. It's that simple!

Get Started
Just find us on Facebook or WeChat, then select "Start" from the menu.

Sign up to create your profile by entering the destinations and activities of which you are an expert. For example, if you are an expert in museum tours or antique shopping, or you know the best bakeries or cafes in town, enter those skills in your profile. Also enter the languages you speak so you can help travelers who speak the same languages.

How to help travelers
Helping travelers is easy. Trec will notify you on your chat app when a traveler needs help with activities that match your skills. After you accept the request, you will be connected to the traveler via chat to answer their question. Each chat typically takes 5 to 10 minutes, however, you can choose to chat longer if necessary.

We protect the privacy of you and the travelers, and will not share your personal information.

Earn money for helping travelers
You decide how much to charge for your advice. Trec will deduct a 10% service fee, and a 3% Credit Card processing fee. You receive the rest. Example: If you charge $4, you will receive $3.48 after Trec deducts the $0.40 service fee and $0.12 processing fee. Trec will send you accumulated earnings over $5 via Paypal.

Please feel free to contact us via for any questions.